Industrial Water Treatment

The global industrial sector uses a huge amount of water, this is true for industries in almost every field and also in ones that appear to not need so much water. The industry needs water for a large variety if uses, common uses are cooling systems, cleaning systems, heating systems, processing and other manufacturing or industrial processes. Industrial water treatment can refer to industrial wastewater treatment but also the optimization of water supply from the general municipal supplier before it enters the various systems or optimizing / producing water from solutions.

Industrial water treatment is needed in order to dispose or reuse wastewater according to national regulations, protecting the environment and public/workers health. But industrial water treatment is also performed and needed for more economical purposes, operating costs can be kept low when using reclaimed water or implementing water recycling processes, operations efficiency can increase by using the best quality water according to the different systems and industrial requirements.

Industrial water management and treatment

In terms of industrial water treatment that is not wastewater oriented but rather more towards optimizing water and water management, common systems and equipment are cooling towers, boilers, pipe systems, industrial tanks and manufacturing containers etc. In these cases, industrial water treatment is aimed at goals such as reducing scale levels in the water, prevent or lessen damage to pipes, pumps, filters, purifying water according to professional requirements, preventing corrosion or sedimentation of solid materials and various other issues.

In a lot of cases industrial water needs to go through industrial water treatment processes in order to keep them safe and clean. A good example is bacteria and microbes that develop and flourish inside cooling systems with untreated water. This water is often full if different organic nutrients and in ideal warm temperatures for these tiny creatures. Such occasions are the best environment for bacteria, fungi and other unwanted agents, industrial water treatment for this issue is mostly using biocides.

Industrial wastewater treatment

The numerous industrial companies globally produce a lot of wastewater that needs to be treated and then reused or disposed of properly. This industrial wastewater can be contaminated with various hazardous materials, contain all sorts of solids or just be clean water that was just used for some industrial purpose. Industrial water treatment can take place in a company’s facility or a municipal / regional wastewater treatment plant.

The treatment methods for industrial water treatment are basically the same as domestic methods, in severe contaminant situations in which the water is full of pollutants the treatment process can be more complex, include extra technologies and stages to make sure the treated water is as clean as possible. A main issue is industrial water treatment is the disposal of residues from treated industrial wastewater. This can prove to be a complex and expensive issue for industrial organizations. This is the main reason why very polluting companies have an “on site” wastewater treatment plant or join together with other companies – Only after this industrial water treatment can the water be sent to regular municipal treatment plants.

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