Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are used all over the world buy private household users and also by industrial users and water supplying organizations. In some cases and parts of the world water purification is an essential need in order to use water that was contaminated by various factors. On the other hand, in a lot of cases and mainly in the developed world, high levels of water purification are not needed and are rather a result of water companies and marketing campaigns by water purifiers suppliers.

In any case, water purifiers and purification processes are an important issue and it might have greater importance in future water problems globally resulting from pollution and other hazards. One needs to understand the types of water purifiers and the differences between water filters that only remove particles from the water to filters and purifiers that actually eliminate all or most pollutants and deliver water with good purity.

Water purifiers need to address the specific problem with the water for which they were installed, but in general, a water purifier that only eliminates and neutralizes odors and tastes isn’t effective or sufficient as it needs to also eliminate other, more meaningful contaminations.

There are water purifiers and purification methods that are used in large scale water supply systems and water treatment plants and there are systems that are used in smaller, more specific environments such as the water system in a household, building, business etc.

Purifier Vs. Filter

It’s easy to get confused between water purifiers and water filters. A filter is not necessarily worse than a purifier, they are two different things – but a purification system will always contain some sort of filter and usually a few types. A filter is a device or contraption that physically blocks various particles from moving in the pipe with the water, and water purification systems or water purifiers actually eliminate bacteria, germs and other biological pollutants all together.

Types of water purifiers

The general uses and purposes of water purifiers in household systems are:

  • Water purifiers to remove particles and purify the appearance and clarity of the water.
  • Systems to improve and purify the smell and taste of water.
  • Water purifiers that remove chemical pollutants and agents from the water, mainly toxic metals, organic materials, carcinogenic factors. These are normally expensive, quite rare and operate with a tiny microscopic micron level that only allows water to penetrate.
  • Water purifiers meant to reduce the microbial load of the water – prevents the transfer of bacteria and large molecules with the water (unknown efficiency for viruses). The use of an ultra violet light is very common to eliminate bacteria.

Other classification of water purifiers is in terms of the installation process. Most systems are installed on the main water supply entrance to the house, next to the water meter, so that the entire relevant area receives treated water.


When inquiring about water purifiers for personal use in the home, business or building you will need to make sure it’s “the real deal” and not some sort of misleading advertising or a simple (and maybe efficient) water filtration system that doesn’t really purify the water.

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